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Valuations are extremely useful management tools for business owners looking to maximise current business performance, and focus senior people on decisions that generate long-term value.

A valuation can help you identify what you are currently doing that is adding to your business value, and what you are doing that may be detracting from value.

Our services

We use valuations to help our clients enhance both their day-to-day business performance and generate and sustain long-term business value.

Valuation as a management tool@2x

“Engaging JPAbusiness to conduct a valuation and then provide advice on how to improve that value has added a whole other dimension to our business. James identified our products division as offering the greatest potential for growth. At the time we had some products, but they weren’t cutting edge. He advised us to focus on that area and now, 18 months later, making those adjustments has opened up markets that we wouldn’t have been able to access with our previous products.”

General manager, Mining and industrial manufacturer and contractor, approx. turnover $40M
Services provided: business valuation and advice

Looking to maximise day-to-day performance, as well as long-term value?