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We provide wise counsel

The JPAbusiness team has been helping clients buy and sell businesses for over 20 years.

Whichever side of the transaction we are on, our view is that the best deal is a fair one in which both parties have received wise counsel and are satisfied with the outcome.

If you are considering buying or selling a business, and want to engage a transaction advisor to support you, do your own ‘detailed due diligence’ on potential advisors first. 

From our experience these are the features of a successful advisor:

  • experience in your industry and in selling businesses of your size and ‘shape’;
  • project management expertise; and
  • great communication skills.

“I had never been involved in buying a business before, but James made the process easy – he walked us through it. For example, at the start I was doing lots of research and coming up with questions for James, and he was answering them before I could even ask them. He would say ‘you have hired me to help you, so don’t worry about that – I’ll do it’. It took a lot of the worry out of it and that’s what you pay for.”

Craig Doorey, Director and Head of Accounting, Sales and Engineering, Satake Australia
Services provided: business valuation; purchase negotiations; business purchase due diligence

Looking for an experienced advisor to help you buy or sell a business?