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We don’t just provide a number

A business valuation or market appraisal from JPAbusiness will provide you with a realistic view of your business’s value, taking account of the scope of your valuation requirements, and based on the business’s performance and health factors, market conditions and comparable sales.

And when valuing businesses for our clients, we don’t just provide a number. 

We provide a rationale for our valuation – based on our extensive research, industry knowledge and experience – and we clearly explain it.

We also provide valuations for management purposes, to help our clients identify the key value drivers impacting day-to-day performance, and to build long-term value.

“Independence and transparency were important for the internal purposes of our valuation, which was to reset ownership percentages among existing shareholders. The JPAbusiness team brought a pleasing level of detail and effort to do justice to our staff, market, management and reporting, contract strength and pipeline of work. The findings of James and his team were communicated clearly to stakeholders, and stakeholders’ questions were answered and explained with clear justification, aiding the final acceptance of the results.”

Managing director, Specialist construction business, approx. turnover $250M
Service provided: business valuation

Looking for a valuation that’s more than just a number?