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We tell it like it is

Market appraisals are robust assessments of a business’s worth and fair market position.

If you are seeking an ‘indicative view’ of a business’s value, with likely outcomes or possibilities, and robust and market-comparable justifications, then a market appraisal can provide you with an additional layer of decision support for planning purposes.

Our market appraisal services

A JPAbusiness market appraisal provides:

  • Estimate of potential sale price range;
  • Assessment of business performance and health factors;
  • Considerations of market conditions and comparable sales;
  • Documented summary providing marketing price range, advice and decision support.

“I would advise other business owners to seek an independent valuation before selling because you can be too close to your own business to see its flaws. The JPAbusiness team have the skills and knowledge to conduct professional valuations, and James was also very honest and realistic with us about what he believed the market would think of our business.”

Co-owner HVAC business, approx. turnover $1.1–$1.6M
Services provided: business sale transaction advice and support

Looking for an indicative view of a business’s value to help with decision making?