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Facts and well-tested strategy = a robust plan

A good business plan has its foundation in a well-grounded understanding of your current business performance (the ‘facts’) and the likely strategic scenarios that will impact on the business (the ‘strategy’), both internally and externally.

We work with clients to develop robust plans to achieve value and growth that test those facts, test your strategy, and match future direction to your company’s strengths, capabilities and competitive position.

1, 3, 5 and 10-year strategic plans - content copy
1, 3, 5 and 10-year strategic plans

We work with you to develop a plan that charts your business’s future direction, whether that be growth, stability, succession or exit. Our planning process will help you clarify business objectives, understand the competitive and strategic environment, and identify key business drivers and related strategies and actions to deliver your business’s targets.

Annual operating plans - summarize
Annual operating plans

We work with you to put in place practical plans for the next 12 months of operations; that allocate resources, investment and timing to different aspects of your business, to manage performance and meet forecasts and budgets.

Marketing plans - sell
Marketing plans

Our marketing plans are designed to enhance your sales or brand, and achieve market profile or penetration. Our team can help examine your customer value propositions and identify the best means of communicating your brand messages to specific client segments to drive business value.

business development - maps home work
Business development plans

We work with you to test new product or service opportunities and the potential to organically change and grow your business by moving into new markets or geographies, or by employing new technologies. We will conduct a feasibility assessment to examine the risks, opportunities and financial projections of the investment.

Strategic acquisition - manage search
Strategic acquisition and due diligence advice

Once you’ve identified a potential acquisition target – product, service or business – we will assist with advice on the risks, opportunities and issues to consider. We will also conduct independent due diligence to assess the financial and business performance and sustainability of earnings of the acquisition target, and whether those meet your objectives.

“James and the team provide business advice on an ad hoc basis, including an assessment of a proposed business expansion into interstate markets for my business. Their advice enables me to make clear and well-informed decisions about my business.”

Owner, Engineering and fabrication business, approx. turnover $15M
Services provided: business valuation; business sale transaction advice and support; business advice

Need help identifying and planning the best strategic path for your business?