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We understand what makes a business tick

Our many years of experience valuing businesses gives us a unique insight into what makes a business tick and informs much of our business advice services.

We will identify the key value drivers in your business and come up with practical solutions to enhance their performance and achieve your business targets, optimising market opportunities, staff, capital and other resources.

Business reporting - assignment
Business reporting and governance processes

We can help you set up simple reporting and governance processes that provide a practical framework for ongoing, transparent review of business performance, enabling you to understand where your business is up to, at any time, relative to your business plan.

Business health checks - health and safety
Business health checks

We can conduct a business health check as a diagnostic tool to determine the strength of each key value driver in your business, and the business’ sustainability in delivering its earnings and margins.

Staff retention - people
Staff retention, culture and succession planning

We can assist with identifying people capability strengths and weaknesses in your business, and develop strategies and plans for succession, professional development and training. We can also assist with strategies to develop and drive a positive business culture.

Enhancing sales - point of sale
Enhancing sales and margin performance

In a competitive environment our role is to work closely with business managers to identify opportunities to improve sales and margin by identifying potential for attractive market segment growth and cost-of-sales efficiencies.

Brand development and marketing - sell
Brand development and marketing

We can test and review your business profile in front of its key market segments and identify areas to grow and enhance your profile, and improve business performance as a result.

Driving efficiencies - engineering
Driving efficiencies through costs, scale and process improvement

We will work with you and your team to identify opportunities to scale your business’ performance over a fixed cost base, and improve process and system efficiency through the use of technology and other potential enhancements.

Financing growth and cash flow - insights
Financing growth and cash flow

We will work with you to identify, forecast and manage the investment, working capital and cash flow needs of your business to achieve your strategic and operational plans.

Financial restructure - account balance
Financial restructure and bank negotiation

We will help you to develop well-founded financial forecasts and budgets to assist with securing your financial requirements from banks and other investors to fund your business’s plans.

Project management - manage accounts
Project management

We use our risk management, communication, administration and delivery capability to assist businesses to implement key strategies, plans and actions, when resourcing is constrained or there are internal team gaps and critical priorities for change.

“James and his team provide ongoing mentorship of our business in the form of sounding board advice regarding business strategies and proposals. Having independent business advice provides us with objectivity, clarity and perspective about our business, and also allows us to tap into the JPAbusiness team’s valuable business skills and knowledge.”

Owner, Quarry and primary production business, regional Victoria, approx. turnover $2M
Services provided: business advice; strategic planning; project management

Need help driving your business’s performance and value?