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We will be diligent on your behalf

As business transaction advisors, our role is to help you ‘make a match’ between your requirements and risk profile, and any businesses you are assessing. 

We will always provide frank and fearless advice on the strength or otherwise of a business being considered, and whether or not we believe it will meet your objectives. 

Given our broad network and depth of understanding of industry sectors, we can also uncover strategic opportunities that are not yet listed on the open market, but which may suit both you as a buyer and business owners looking to unlock value.

Business finder service - zoom in
Business finder service

We will get to know you and understand your acquisition objectives before scouring the market to identity potential business purchase opportunities that fit your needs. We also employ target research and contact strategies to uncover potential interested sellers whose businesses match your requirements but are not yet on the market.

Business valuation and market appraisal - paid
Business valuation and market appraisal

We will provide a robust assessment of your target acquisition’s fair market value and the reasons why that value is appropriate, which may then be used to support your purchase negotiations. You will also have the confidence of knowing our business valuations are conducted by an Australian Property Institute Certified Practising Valuer (Business).

Business acquisition negotiations - share
Business acquisition negotiations

Our role is to facilitate open, transparent and respectful communication between you and the seller – founded on market-relevant data and the findings of our due diligence – to secure a fair deal for all.

Due diligence - fact_check_black
Due diligence

We will conduct independent due diligence that confirms the business’s maintainable earnings and identifies any material risks that may impact the value of the business following ownership transfer.

Transition support - people_alt
Transition support

We will develop both pre- and post-completion plans to ensure a smooth ownership transition and limit impacts on business performance, including mitigation strategies for any risks identified as part of due diligence.

“Denny’s didn't have the information at hand, or formal reporting structures in place, so that made it difficult and time-consuming, but James just pressed on. He was very polite and very professional in the way he gathered the information – he doesn’t come out with a big stick – but he just kept pressing on until the information was provided.”

Craig Doorey, Director and Head of Accounting, Sales and Engineering, Satake Australia
Service provided: business purchase due diligence

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