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Do you have a business problem without all the answers? Others are bound to have had the same problem before you. Let us provide you with expert advice.

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Business Advice

JPAbusiness does not believe all businesses are the same and that all problems are simple.

Our difference is that we will assist your business by responding to your needs with customised solutions tailored to your specific problems and objectives.

JPAbusiness has over 40 years combined experience in the private, public and government sectors at all levels. From this experience JPAbusiness has built a range of services to suit your unique requirements from simple and effective business planning solutions, complete business restructures and growth plans, through to website and online marketing delivery solutions.

Approach and Methodology

JPAbusiness Approach and Methodology

Our methodology and approach has been designed with your business issues and problems in mind. We work alongside you to help you change, grow, succeed and deliver.

A summary of the services JPAbusiness can provide to your business to help with your Business Direction and Business Performance are:

Need practical business advice?

JPAbusiness can assist you with specific business advice and solutions to help you grow and change your business in a way that meets your aims and objectives.

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  • Succession planning advice
  • Owner and senior manager mentoring
  • Facilitation of family, company and community group board meetings
  • Senior management recruitment advice and assistance
  • Organisational change delivery and management


  • Business reporting and governance process and advice
  • Business systems and process reviews
  • Business transaction management (Sale, Equity Partnerships, Joint Ventures)
  • Online marketing and website solutions delivery


  • 1, 3, 5 and 10 year Strategic Plans
  • Annual Business Plans
  • Marketing and Business Development Plans
  • Feasibility assessments and business case projections
  • Financial restructure and bank negotiations advice
  • Business health checks
  • Strategic acquisition and due diligence advice
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