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'Fallstoppa' - Ladder Safety Device - Australia


This is an opportunity to purchase and/or manufacture and distribute an innovative safety product relevant and applicable to the construction, general industrial, mining, storage and transport industries. It has significant potential in both international and domestic markets with an international patent lodged in 2014 and other pending patents in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Japan and the USA.

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The inventor has developed a ladder safety device called ‘Fallstoppa’. When fully commercialised this device will have the potential to save lives in those industries mentioned above and also many others. The device is fitted to existing ladders and manufactured with new ladders. It simply clips over a hand rail or scaffold with an engineered clipping mechanism when a ladder is extended from the ground . The side rail (leg) of the ladder can also be fitted at the top with a fall safe which can be used in conjunction with a safety harness.  JPAbusiness has been engaged to assist the vendor in facilitating an investment in this new technology in order to fully commercialise the opportunity. We are targeting interest from Australian and Worldwide ladder and Safety Products Manufacturers and other private IP investors.

The Vendor is seeking an astute investor in industrial intellectual property, a ladder and/or accessories and fall safe manufacturer or a distributor of industrial and/or work place safety products and accessories, Fallstoppa provides a unique opportunity to deliver a superior value proposition to a range of industrial markets where safety at heights is a significant issue.  The Fallstoppa product also has the diversity of application, across a range of industrial markets both in Australia and internationally.

To fully commercialise the opportunity and realise the unique development potential the Vendor is seeking Expressions of Interests (please enquire on the enquire about this business now section on this page) initially on a non binding basis, for the Fallstoppa opportunity.

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Quick Facts

•New product offering standout opportunities in Safety,

•Fallstoppa works by attaching a clamp to the rungs and rails of the ladder which fixes onto a hand or safety rail without the possibility of release and therefore provides a much safer operating environment for a user to climb it.

•Has been developed and extensively tested, including with sector and industry participation.

•The device can be retro-fitted to existing extension ladders and also incorporated into the manufacture of new extension ladders as a superior safety device.

•Assists the operator to meet regulatory compliance.

•Internationally patented.

Important Information for Prospective Purchasers:

All information in this document is of a general nature only and not exhaustive. Interested parties should conduct their own due diligence and feasibility assessments. The Vendor of 'Fallstoppa' - Ladder Safety Device, and advisers, JPAbusiness, are not liable for any loss or damages associated with reliance on this information or the Expressions of Interest process.

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